Do you know why I spend so much time developing the mindset?

Vishnu Ram
2 min readJul 13, 2021

According to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, your beliefs play a pivotal role in what you want and whether you achieve it and she finds that mindset play important role in achieving success.

what is the mindset?

mindset is nothing but how we think and feel by ourselves in productive ways. because the mindset is the only makes us successful in whatever we want to do. for example, you have one great idea and you have the right skills for that but you don't have the right mindset for that, and then it’s useless. Mindset is everything.

“Those who connect to mind themselves change their mindset and they connect to change everything”

types of mindset

Fixed mindset, people are stuck in place and they don't know to get out from it because they think like that I don't have knowledge, power, time, skills and they have fear about failure and life. so most time they will in depressed, anxious, sad and they easily give up and they don't motivate themselves because they only waste time on unwanted things.

Growth mindset, people are mostly successful people because they used to learn from failure and they have clear knowledge, power, time, skills and they use their time wisely get to learn right skills and they always in developing in mindset.

so you want to choose whether you want to be in a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

Tips for Developing your Mindset

  1. Have habits of learning.
  2. stop comparing yourself to others.
  3. Away from negativity.
  4. Use your time wisely.
  5. Have like-minded people.
  6. first, motivate yourself.
  7. Have good thoughts.
  8. Analyze the thing that goes wrong.
  9. Believe in yourself.
  10. Always learn from others.
  11. always love yourself


but You don't change your mindset that easily for that you want to practice how much you can even sometimes you won't control your mindset or thought and just try again and again until you succeed. Be positive and you don't fail until even you have the proper mindset about yourself.



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