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3 min readJul 3, 2021

In these modern days, we used to forget to love ourselves because we running toward life for success, money relationships, love, lust, and even for other life for too, etc. because we always want something to satisfy us and others even if it’s satisfied we begin to crave for some other things that’s how we start to live now and we don't even satisfied with what we have and if we like this we just want to be run toward life until the end. so that time we forget to love ourselves or others whom we love most this why most people even got success what they want in their life but they inside broke.`` because if don’t love yourself first and how could make others love you, if don’t know how to simile then how could make other similes and you don’t know how to make your life and then how could you make others life happy.

Because we try to find the new things for that we start to lose ourselves and if we don’t love ourselves we lose ourself trust also it will make you suffer more and why we are like this because we don’t live in our present we always think and start to worry what we did in past or we always think about but it’s okay but thinks like that not only make the success you need to take action in the present moment and here people start to live in present that makes their life happy and successful.

Then Okay stop reading this and just ask this question you, to be honest in the present moment(now) you just happy by yourself if it does not just stop what you have been doing and take one paper and pen just write what the thing that stops you be happy and think it’s important or unimportant (because why I am saying this most of time we only worry about unwanted thoughts what we have )and last thing what thing I want to do for that and this three-question ask yourself whenever you feel worried or unhappy by yourself.

Top ways to Love Yourself.

  1. Start to love yourself more than others.
  2. Stop comparing yourself or live with others.
  3. Start doing what you love most.
  4. Always say this to you I will be happy by myself.
  5. Don’t live in expectation live in reality.
  6. The imagination of good things in you.
  7. Always have an adjusted mindset.
  8. Spend time with your families first.
  9. Practices to say NO.
  10. Always believe in yourself.
  11. Don’t show off.
  12. Be always kind to others.
  13. Don’t try to impress others.


We have only one life to live and we are on reasons for that don’t anything to seriously because every thought is not real and every life of situation is not permanent but something life is not going what we instead that time you just want to believe in yourself and be patience and consistency in plans it will make success.


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