This is The Reason People Don’t Succeed In What They Want.

Vishnu Ram
4 min readJul 7, 2021

Most people set goals in their life but most of them don’t succeed in what they expected in their life. Why because they don't have a proper plan and firstly they don't write their goals on paper or etc .because for example (if you want to be an artist but only thinking does not make you every time successful in what you want.)

This way I am saying this first take a paper pen write down the thing you want to do and just invest time to make a proper plan and goals have a separate column for short-term and long-term purposes and see that daily and track how the thing going on for you to reach the thing that you been going through and Now you have a proper plan and tracklist and work how much you can.


Secondly, things don't have a ROUTINE PROCESS what you do because whether you want to destroy the bad habits or develop good habits in you for that 21days you want to do with focus and that’s why you want to change the things to do into habits and the same process for your goals too.

The third thing is you don’t do with Consistency and Persistency because most people start but they don’t go until the end because they start to worry about failure and don’t sacrifice basics for their goals often they make an excuse and don’t do with the routine process and if you doing same and you won’t change yourself from there. then you don’t succeed in what you want in life.

The fourth things Start comparing themself and take other comments personally. remember a thing in this world one person will always be better than us and others too so for that you can't see how much they put effort of what he or she had. For that, you only focus on your plan and goals, not others even if they do better than because you have different kinds of skill sets because why even he or she succeeds, in particular, kind of things there is no need for you to succeed in that so believing in yourself one day you be a success in that what you do.

The fifth thing is Always in a hurry mindset and trying to get success in a hurry. if you are like this you have to stop that because everything has time and reason to happen. so you wait until your time has come okay I understand that times make us more suffer because if you get more suffer and you will get more rewards .because short-term success is a scam because the big thing takes more time.

The sixth thing is don’t believe in yourself and why you lose believe in yourself sometimes because you don’t have a proper vision of your goals because you do the thing but you don’t know how to take that next level and that time you lose interest in that you start to yourself demotivating. okay, now you feeling like you demotivated so for that you don’t want to give up things and stop the thing what you to do and take some break for that because sometimes if you do something over time it will become less attractive so that just some break and find the solution by yourself or ask help for other who succeed in what you do.

The seventh thing is Lazy to Learn here most people are broke and fails because they even don't learn basic things that want to learn in there life self-learning will always save you from your bad situation and you try to develop yourself also need to start learning by yourself

The eighth, things are Procrastination this is one of the most dangerous habits and it will most times makes more suffering because we delay important tasks to enjoy or do unwanted things. if do this, again and again, you don’t succeed if you want to .so try to make a proper plan for the day and sacrifice the unwanted thing for an important task.

The last thing is they don’t have self-discipline because even people have their proper goals and plans but if they fail to develop self-discipline and there is no use because self-discipline is the key to success so you want to have more self-discipline for whatever you want to achieve in your life.

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