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First, why you actually can’t find happiness in yourself right now because you are not living in the present moment and always be Negative .even if you think like you in the present moment but most time you distract by your past what you have done or start thinking about the future okay, it’s very common to think about thinking your past(what you have done )and future (what you have going to be done). but if you often think about these things and not taking any steps to solve in the present is useless and because this why you want to live in the present that is the only way to make you more effective and even you want to change your past or life you want to start live now.

Okay, what you have done in past is passed there is no need to take this seriously in our life because you only want to take it seriously is how could you not do this anymore because you are done it with your consciousness and why you want to always be worrying about that, why can’t live happy with about it and why you can’t let that go because you always take care of others more important than you. if you want to live proper life the way you want to start living now focus only now on whether you want success in your life start thing for now and focuses on the step for now or not past or future and for example if you want to be a billionaire or anything you want in life just focus now and keep believing in yourself and not comparing yourself with other just focus in now and you. It will make create the path you want to go.


1. I mentioned earlier, start living in present.

2. Love yourself.

3. Be happy with what you have.

4. Don’t compare yourself with others.

5. Always keep your past for learning not regretting it.

6. Avoid negative or what keeping you down.

7. Always be grateful and kind.

8. Always have a plan B.

9. Try to say NO.

10.Always learn from others.

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